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Why do I need server administration? 

Your job is to run a succesful enterprise. Our job is to handle all things IT so that you can focus on running the business and not on worrying about technical issues. The path to not worrying about wether your systems are online start with having a team of professional engineers to manage your entire infrastructure of servers.

We work with companies of all sizes in all industries. We can provide technical support, server administration and management for Unix/Linux servers. We monitor your servers and infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With years and years of experience under our belts, and with clients across world, we will provide you with exceptional service to leave you worry-free.

System Management

Our team of certified engineers can provide first-class support for your servers and infrastructures, no matter what version of Linux/UNIX you may be running.  We handle everything from backups and restores, to installing SSL certificates and more.

System Applications & Services

A server is more than just a computer with a fancy Operating System that stores data. There's databases and other services and applications depending on your server's configuration. Your company and your customers rely on these to operate every day.

New Servers & Migrations

Whenever you need a new server deployed, or you just need to migrate over to a newer machine, our team will handle the entire process for you. Our server administrators will perform the migration so that there's virtually no downtime. Additionally, we will schedule the migration for any time of day that you see fit.

Need something that isn't listed?

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The services you see above are just a few of our administration services that are popular with our current clients. Our diverse team of administrators and engineers can handle any setup or platform and provide any service that's necessary. We even have Software Engineers who can help with your application.

We believe that each business is truly unique, both in needs and in budget. That's why we take the time to speak with each and every one of our clients to understand their business, determine their needs, and create the perfect plan for their unique business that fits their budget.

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  • System Security & Hardening
  • System Optimization
  • Backend Software Upgrades
  • Server Backup Restoration
  • Security Reports & Audits
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